NGProS Information

The software used for the Interferometric processing is NASA/JPL GIPSY

The NOA/IAASARS GNSS Processing Station is currently in beta version and the accuracy of the products is less than that of the final version.

The processing is automatic. 

O/S Centos 7.0

Currently the following products are being provided:

  • North-South Deformation Component Diagrams
  • East-West Deformation Component Diagrams
  • Vertical deformation component Diagrams

The orbits used are precise for epochs older than ~15 days and rapid for the recent ones. For each station a  GOT 4.3 (Goddard/Grenoble Ocean Tide empirical model, maintained by Richard Ray at NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center) ocean load model has been calulated from the "free ocean tide loading provider" .

The products are being updated every day at 17:00 UTC.

NSProS services provided herein are "as is" with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility.

The service provider has done its utmost to ensure that the material and calculations displayed on are accurate. However, errors may occur. NGProS accepts no responsibility or liability for any incorrect material.

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